Sympathy Verses and Cards

Sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say, and MyEbit is here to help with our free collection of editable sympathy verses to help you find the right words. Browse our wide variety of sympathy verses which can also be printed as standard 4 x 5 inch cards or downloaded and emailed as a jpg file. Below is a small sampling from each category.

For Family

  • Home is where we laughed, sang, and were altogether.
    Now that you are gone, our home will never be the same.
    Missing pieces of something more than we can ever understand.
    Every holiday and birthday silently wishing for your laughter.
    Watch over us all, in our grief, in our times of burden,
    For we shall remember you always, in all that we do.

For Friends

  • We are one, you and I.
    Through sorrow, through pain,
    Through happiness and bliss.
    Laughter, tears, heartache.
    Friendship for a lifetime.
    Yet you left this world,
    Without me by your side.


  • I yearn for days of laugher,
    Where your love overflowed
    Mornings, nights, and days.
    You are missed dearly.
    Yet I cannot be sad,
    For God has delivered
    You to his Kingdom.
    The Lord will guard you,
    Till we meet again,
    My dearest love.


  • Your gifts have brought more than merriment to the world.
    You have shown us a way of life, you have given us a dazzling future.
    Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with those who needed them most.
    You have been an extraordinary example for those seeking to better their lives.


  • Raising storms, muffled by childhood fantasies.
    Mischief folded in tender, playful moments,
    Brother, my guardian from strife, from torment,
    Though you are gone, my love for you is ever growing.
    Growing up in someone else’s eyes, to strength and wisdom.
    Stay now in shelter’s forgiving embrace,
    Missing your cheer, your spirit, your loving heart.