Sympathy Verses and Cards

Sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say, and MyEbit is here to help with our free collection of editable sympathy verses to help you find the right words. Browse our wide variety of sympathy verses which can also be printed as standard 4 x 5 inch cards or downloaded and emailed as a jpg file. Below is a small sampling from each category.

For Family

  • Our sorrows may be great, and our lives forever changed,
    This is the time for all of us to join together in our grief.
    Sympathies and sorrows shall transform into stories.
    Of how loved, of how wonderful, of how we miss our departed loved one.
    Time shall heal our wounds, and we will one day see them again.

For Friends

  • Keeping softly, friend, my love
    For you in gentle bindings,
    Often cared for, often felt.
    Where missing meets a heartache,
    Where fondness finds a favor,
    In memories built to hold
    Through hardship’s daunting defense.
    The battle rages daily
    For want to cry your name ‘loud.
    Yet you, in gentle bindings,
    Hold me ever more to peace.


  • For now, we mourn the loss of a truly blessed soul.
    Their life was lived in honor of the Lord, our Heavenly Father.
    God has chosen for them to sing His praises,
    Along with Abraham, Moses, and His angels.
    We are sorry for your loss, and we hope you know
    The love, respect, and sympathies we hold for you.


  • You have always been a source of empowerment in my life.
    Thank you for sharing all that you had with the world.
    As time passes, we will always hold you in our hearts.
    The memories you have given me, and the pleasure you have bestowed,
    Will always be dear to me, and the millions you touched with your gift.
    Rest now, your spirit lives on in your music, and your fans.


  • Raising storms, muffled by childhood fantasies.
    Mischief folded in tender, playful moments,
    Brother, my guardian from strife, from torment,
    Though you are gone, my love for you is ever growing.
    Growing up in someone else’s eyes, to strength and wisdom.
    Stay now in shelter’s forgiving embrace,
    Missing your cheer, your spirit, your loving heart.