Sympathy Verses and Cards

Sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say, and MyEbit is here to help with our free collection of editable sympathy verses to help you find the right words. Browse our wide variety of sympathy verses which can also be printed as standard 4 x 5 inch cards or downloaded and emailed as a jpg file. Below is a small sampling from each category.

For Family

  • Home is where we laughed, sang, and were altogether.
    Now that you are gone, our home will never be the same.
    Missing pieces of something more than we can ever understand.
    Every holiday and birthday silently wishing for your laughter.
    Watch over us all, in our grief, in our times of burden,
    For we shall remember you always, in all that we do.

For Friends

  • Dearest love, dearest friend,
    Two nearer never known.
    Missing star, shown so bright,
    Night dims and sleeps till morn’,
    When two hearts once more meet.


  • Heaven’s hallowed halls rejoice as your loved one came home.
    God has taken him to be in all the choirs of Angels.
    Though you are sorrowful, exult in the Lord’s love.
    We are here for you, in your hour of need,
    Our sympathy, our love, and our prayers are all for you.


  • Leave the light on,
    Shining through our lives,
    Guiding us to new horizons.
    Leave your light on,
    Bringing courage and dreams,
    On bended beams of inspiration.
    Leave the light on,
    Though you’ve gone away,
    You give us hope renewed.
    Leave your light on,
    We’ll miss you now,
    We’ll remember you always.


  • My arms grow weary of reaching out,
    In night’s dreary, darkening hours,
    For the bed cries with me.

    Years, upon moments, drifting furiously
    Through my ever mournful mind.
    Running through heartache’s broken maze.

    Longing for your keys in locked doors,
    Wishing for arms to hold out the pain.
    Haunting kisses in passions lost.

    Mine forever, mine in love and sorrow,
    Yours in kindness and yours eternally,
    Our story, lost to ages, cherished in my heart.