Sympathy Verses and Cards

Sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say, and MyEbit is here to help with our free collection of editable sympathy verses to help you find the right words. Browse our wide variety of sympathy verses which can also be printed as standard 4 x 5 inch cards or downloaded and emailed as a jpg file. Below is a small sampling from each category.

For Family

  • The sudden heartache of losing a loved one is felt by all of us.
    We hold you in our hearts and our prayers through this sorrow.
    We hope you know our love for you, and our family.
    Together we can mourn, grow, and overcome this pain.
    One day, we will all be together, find comfort in knowing they are at peace.

For Friends

  • Dearest love, dearest friend,
    Two nearer never known.
    Missing star, shown so bright,
    Night dims and sleeps till morn’,
    When two hearts once more meet.


  • Make haste, my love, to Peter’s shining gate.
    Where angels wait your song so warm and dear.
    Mercy on those who live without you now,
    Sorrow fades within Holy Spirit’s grace.
    As ages form to eras God stays true,
    Your soul is pure and rich in His glory.
    Be steadfast in God’s gladness, for you are home.


  • A merry voice,
    Stirring faith in souls,
    Ever dancing.
    A desired hope,
    Rousing charity’s
    Forgiving love.
    A life too soon,
    Taken from this Earth,
    Heavy hearts mourn.
    A gift so pure,
    Shining brightly on,
    Through time, through us.


  • Distance held its way, and time gave into bonds,
    Too closely knit to break, too strong to fold.
    May the sun set, may the moon rise,
    May the ages burn to withered ashes,
    Our love will find a way through chaos,
    Our bond will forge a bridge through forever.
    Losing you tortured my poor heart,
    Yet I know sorrow holds now power here.
    Together as sisters, together in time ever after.