World Deaths

Over 150,000 people loose their lives each day due to many causes too numerous to mention. Every year, approximately 55 million people passed away and not a single one of them should be forgotten. Take a moment to reflect on the World Deaths video for the lives lost to major tragedies, protests, wars and other causes. Each life lost had its own story to tell and hopefully the new year will provide us all with less tragedies, less deaths, and more peace and harmony in this world. This is for them…

Celebrity Deaths 2014


We reflect on the past year on the lives of those celebrities lost. They provided us all with inspiration, laughter, entertainment, music and laughter and helped shape our lives over the years. While Celebrity Deaths 2014 does not represent the hundreds or thousands that passed, it gives us a moment to reflect upon the entire industry. May they all rest in peace.

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall

The world lost two iconic persons this week, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Icons from two different eras, the Golden Age and the Modern Age whose contributions to the world of entertainment were immense.williams

Although the lives of each and every one of the over 150,000 people who pass away each day are all equally significant, the compassion for the loss of these two Actors has been overwhelming.

May they both rest in peace and peace be with all of those who have lost a loved one.

Pre-Writing Obituaries The Latest Trend

Although pre-writing your own obituary is strictly optional at, many people are now choosing to write their own obituaries far in advance to spell out exactly how they want it to read – without their date of death, of course. By writing your own, you’ll be able to put in all the details you think are important and have plenty of time to consider how to word every life-changing or memorable event.

Consider that when you write your own obituary, you’ll have a final chance to tell your story the way you want it told. It can be humorous, serious, heartfelt or even a mixture of all three.

Obit writing harder than some imagine
Some family members may feel stuck when learning they have to write an obituary upon a loved one’s sudden death. They may feel confused about what events to include, forget special things to include or struggle to meet a newspaper deadline. Your children or spouse also have no way of knowing about a special childhood or teenage memory you would have included in your own obituary.

It may be difficult to write your own obituary, and for many, it certainly is. How can you cut a lifetime of wonderful experiences down into just a few lines? If you want to get your obituary done ahead of time but can’t think of what to say, there are a few tactics to help you determine what to write about.

Talk to friends and family members about your obituary and ask them to jog your memory about certain events to include, or the characteristics you don’t notice in yourself. You can also purchase obituary writing kits or even attend classes or sessions to learn about the tactics used in obituary writing.

No matter what strategy you use to write your obituary, getting it done in advance is important. Not only will you help your loved ones, you’ll also be able to tell your story exactly the way you want it told.